Winning The Ex Girlfriend Back With A Sincere Apology And The Right Attitude

Published: 01st July 2009
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If you recently had a girlfriend walk out on you and end your relationship you may be thinking about nothing else in life except winning her back. Maybe you didn't fully realize how you loved your now "ex girlfriend" or maybe how much you were in love with her until she walked out on you. Now that you have been thinking about it you are in pain and very desperate to win her back.

In this article you will read about making the right moves to win your ex girlfriend back in your arms again. Take some time to read this material so you can end the pain of your breakup.

In your relationship with your ex girlfriend you no doubt made a few mistakes. We have all been there and done that. The important thing right now is to not criticize yourself too much for it. You aren't going to try and re-write your relationship history but instead you will need to write a new future for you and her. Think about building a future the way you want it this time.

If you did something wrong to your ex girlfriend than you should get ready to apologize. But don't apologize just because that is what you think she wants to hear. You should try to understand what it is you are apologizing for. Don't just go through the motions. Make an attempt to understand why she didn't like some of the stuff you may have done. Look at your own behavior to see why she might object to it.

If you are serious about trying to win the ex girlfriend back than you should make an apology to her that addresses two specific points. The apology should convince your ex that you completely understand her view point and it should also convince her that you are going to change the bad behavior that may have caused the hurt. Simply saying, "I am sorry for whatever I have done" will not work.

If your bad behavior is something that really needs a professional to correct, then before you apologize to the ex girlfriend in an attempt to win her back you should actually go see a professional about your problem. Maybe you can attend a few counseling sessions before you call the ex girlfriend back up. Be sincere in your efforts to correct yourself because your girlfriend will see through any lies you may be propagating. When she sees you are committed to changing she will feel you are sincere.

If your girlfriend left you because you cheated on her then you need to figure out why you cheated. Have an honest discussion with her and tell her what was going through your mind and why you did what you did. You can't rewrite the past but you can figure out what went wrong so that you can stop any bad behavior from repeating itself. You are going to need a way to avoid cheating again if you truthfully feel you want to win your ex girlfriend back.

When winning an ex girlfriend back it is important to not only apologize but you must also give her the space and time to think about what you said and are doing. You also have to be a good listener so that when she responds you actually "hear" what she is saying. Doing all of the things mentioned in this article will put you well on the way to winning her back.

To learn some of the other steps for getting an ex girlfriend back see Win Girlfriend Back. You can read about saving relationships, including marriage at Save My Relationship. The author, Mark D. Jordan is a writer and researcher from Pennsylvania, USA.

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