Gothic Tattoos Are Very Desirable

Published: 03rd March 2009
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Have you recently desired a Gothic Tattoo? The term "Gothic" originally referred to the Germanic tribe known as the Goths. They were considered barbarians who caused terror throughout Europe in the middle ages. Associating Gothic with darkness, gloom and terror became common sometime after 1765 when author Horace Walpole penned his book "The Castle of Otranto, a Gothic Story", which contained many scenes of dark terror during the medieval period. From then on gothic stories were considered ones that emphasized the grotesque, bleak and darkly mysterious side of life. Gothic stories were big in the Victorian period.

Gothic was also a style of architecture in the 12th to 15th centuries. This style included pointy arches, ribbed vaulting and the impression of tall, skinny and ominous.

Modern Goths, or people who consider themselves such, are probably not what you think they are. Most are very intelligent and creative. Most are also Christian. Goths like to be alone in their thinking, so they retain some individuality. Modifying their clothing is a big thing and of course black is the color of choice. You will see them dying their hair black, painting nails black and generally having a lot of black all over, sometime with a hint of red. Some may even die their hair bright red. A Gothic person is really not a person who usually thinks about sacrificing animals, worshiping Satan and killing themselves. Any individual can think those things and they do not seem to be more prevalent among Goths. That has always been a myth.

The type of music Goths listen too usually varies. Many Goths listen to pure classical music such as Mozart. Others listen to punk rock or hard metal like Korn. Still others are into progressive symphonic rock such as Kamelot or Epica. There is no one style of music that can apply although they usually prefer dark, brooding, thinking-mans songs with intense lyrics. Pop music would not be in with this crowd.

Gothic designs usually include religious themes ranging from fancy crucifixes to pentagrams, as well as tribal themes, or vampires. The style is very important. Gothic tattoos will always be jet black or black with some red in them. Gothic tattoos can include vampire themes or female vamps with lace and velvet. Gothic is ominous, brooding and dark.

Being a Goth does not come just because you wear the styles or you get a gothic tattoo. You have to have the attitude naturally, and not in a contrived manor. You are a gothic type person even when you aren't wearing any cloths or are dressed in blue jeans because being gothic starts with how you feel in your mind and how you think. The style of gothic tattoo you get or black clothing you wear comes secondary to that.

Cool designs for gothic tattoos include dark haired fairy type females dressed in S&M clothing, or perhaps with bat wings. Combining a few things seems to be poplar. Take a cross and make the arms look like a battle ax or dagger for instance or have a snake and vines woven around the arms. A gothic tattoo might include an image of "death" itself. Many gothic styles will have a skull present or a super skinny female with Victorian clothing or Victoria's Secret style lingerie. Of course these tattoos never have more than black and red in them. Don't forget the whole range of tribal tattoos that are also considered somewhat gothic especially if you have them designed to resemble an open dagger or other skinny design that has pointed arms.

Whatever style of gothic tattoos you get, make sure you are a true Goth and it is not a temporary phase. A tattoo is permanent. Getting a tattoo to display your gothic attitude toward life is increasingly popular and something you may want to consider.

Mark D. Jordan is a writer and researching from Pennsylvania. More quality tattoo information is available at Tattoo Designs and Info

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