Dealing Poorly With Break Up Pain

Published: 22nd January 2009
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The pain involved in a breakup, for many of us, is a lot like grieving for the loss of someone who has died or left your family. The task of dealing with this break up pain will not be easy, by no means, and it will be something you will have to work through. Any relationship that has passed is actually similar to having lost someone in death. It will be important that you look past the pain and learn how to survive day to day when things seem impossible to take.

Some people suffer with intense fear and misery when their relationship ends. Many of those people don't even have someone to talk with to help them through the troubling times. This kind of pain is worse when you find you have all these bottled up emotions and no way to vent. This is a reason many suffer so intensely from break up pain in the first place. Many people feel they will be able to handle the pain of a breakup until it finally happens and they find that it is some of the worse mental pain there is.

Dealing with break up pain by yourself probably will seem impossible to you at first, but always keep in mind the number of people who get and lose love in their lives and somehow seem to survive. You are not alone in your feelings. Just like others, you also will be able to get over your heartbreak and live to tell about it. You may even mature some. However, getting over this pain will only be easy if you are willing to go about dealing with it the correct way, a way that is going to be healthier for you.

First off, why is the pain from losing love so hard to get over? It is hard because you are going to think that you are the only one who ever suffered this intensely from a break up. It is a very alone feeling that only you can really deal with. You need to make an effort to heal rather than succumbing to the pain and giving up. Dwelling on the breakup from your lover will make it harder to get over and not help you feel better. Knowing how to move on will allow you to start dealing with finding someone new or moving on with your life, instead of expending time dealing with breakup pain. You may even find someone new that suits you better.

Here are two simple things you can do to heal quicker from relationship breakup.

*If you have friends try to spend more time with them to get your mind off of the pain.

*Focus on the good parts of your life, instead of dwelling on the bad feelings from the breakup

Your friends usually will be able to tell you are in pain and will spend time with you, hopefully taking your mind off of things. Don't tell them that you can't go out with them simply because you don't feel well, mentally. It is important to get out with them and realize that there is more to life and you can move on. Your friends will be extremely helpful in getting you through your breakup. Believe me, I have been there myself.

Nearly all of us have gone through a period in life in which we had to deal with breakup pain. You should not allow yourself to suffer with this pain. Make some effort to go out and have fun so you can begin moving on. Allowing yourself to become stressed out or overwhelmed with the pain of the breakup will slow down your healing process.

Mark D. Jordan is a writer from Pennsylvania. He has spent many years studying Ways to Get Over Break Up Pain. More on getting an ex back or getting over breakup pain can be read at

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