An Abusive Relationship Can Ruin An Ex Girlfriend-Get Her Back Before it's Too Late

Published: 17th March 2009
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You may have discovered that your ex girlfriend's new relationship is an abusive one. You probably still want her back, but now more than ever you feel you have to rescue her. How can you get your ex girlfriend back from an abusive relationship that she is currently in? You probably feel bad the ex girlfriend that you still are in love with is not only with the wrong person but apparently in an abusive relationship. You know she doesn't deserve that so you feel you have to do something to get her out of it, even if she doesn't come back to you.

In your own heart you need to determine if it is more important to save her from the bad situation she is in or to get your ex girlfriend back. Make sure your motivation is not selfish as she really does need someone to rescue her. To her what will make the biggest impression is if she sees you have her interest in mind more so than your own. You shouldn't help her if you are only furthering your own interest. Hopefully you will see the good that needs to be done and that will be your driving force. However you try to help her you may also find out that she doesn't want to be helped. That is just something you may have to accept. Not every woman sees an abusive relationship as being something that is of great concerns to her. Some are even attracted to it in a strange way.

Saving your ex girlfriend from an unhappy relationship as well as one that may be life-threatening will make you somewhat of a hero in her eyes. Abused women sometimes fall back into that trap over and over, so she will need to know that you are her safe haven. Make yourself the person she can always depend on for safety and comfort. She will find it hard to stay away from you if she knows you are her safety net.

Let your ex girlfriend know that you are able to do a good job taking care of her. If you weren't doing so well before let her know you are not the same person. Make sure you truly have changed though. To get your ex girlfriend back she will need to feel that you are the guy who will listen to her and be dependable. It might be hard for you to be that way and you may need to truly change.

You will need to build up your ex girlfriend's self-esteem again. Her abusive boyfriend will have lowered her self-esteem which is how he kept her for so long. Hopefully you can make her feel special again which will make her want to get to know you all over again.

It will be important in this situation to keep your ex girlfriend's safety in mind. Most abusive boyfriends are also the jealous type. If he sees you trying to take her away he may do something drastic enough to cause harm to her or even you. When an abuser feels like he is losing control he will use whatever means to get it back. So whatever you do to get your ex girlfriend back, always try to protect her from harm first.

Don't be afraid to help someone in need, especially your ex girlfriend that you still have feelings for. If she is in the abusive relationship too long it could even compromise her life. You may have some complications when getting involved in this situation, but if it turns out right she will want you back and you will get your ex girlfriend back.

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